About Savines

Savines-le-Lac, a small village hidden in the French Alps, and a perfect holiday location for the Dutch singer and guitarist couple Anne-Lise and Jos. When thinking about a band name, ‘Savines’ was obvious. In 2011 they released their debut album ‘Summer in my fall’.

Savines can be described as laid back, acoustic singer-songwriter / pop music with a West Coast and Seventies flavor. Anne-Lise and Jos have always been fascinated by singer-songwriters like Paul Simon, Mark Knopfler, Shawn Colvin, Sting, John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Sheryl Crow. So it’s no surprise that their music is influenced by these artists.

Summer In My Fall – CD
Summer… was recorded in their own studio. Drums, however, were recorded in Los Angeles, played by drum veteran Doug Mathews. The album was also mastered in LA, by mastering guru Joe Gastwirt.

“Older, experienced musicians are always great to make music with”, says Jos. “They don’t have the need to prove themselves and they don’t worry about their image. They simply enjoy making music. That’s something we also aim to do.”

For Savines, everything starts with songwriting. Anne-Lise: “Writing songs is something I can’t stop doing, it’s a very natural release for me.” Talking about dreams, intimacy and trying to figure out life as young working parents, the songs on Summer in My Fall are relatively autobiographical.

The whole thing resulted in an album that’s fresh and soulful, but at times also romantic and dreamy. “We were looking for lots of vibe”, says Jos. “But I hope it’s not the kind of vibe that makes you forget about things. I hope people experience something real when they listen to it.”

The village of Savines is like a best kept secret. It’s not a crowded place. “Savines is a bit of an escape to us. It’s relaxed, but also very adventurous. An escape to reality, if you like.”